Video Tutorials


Introduction to Origin13:559.1 SR112/18/2013한국어
Introduction to OriginPro6:562016 SR206/14/2016한국어
Origin 2019 Highlights4:152019 SR010/22/2018한국어
Origin 2019b Highlights NEW!4:442019b SR004/19/2019한국어
Origin 2018b Highlights5:082018b SR004/10/2018한국어
Origin 2016 Highlights3:492016 SR010/21/2015한국어
Origin 9.1 Viewer2:169.1 SR04/25/2014한국어
An Introduction to Recalculation in Origin3:392016 SR02/5/2016한국어
Origin Central Dialog Improvements in 20182:262018 SR012/25/2017한국어
Introduction Batch Processing without Programming1:192015 SR07/15/2015한국어
Origin 2018 Highlights4:462018 SR010/30/2017한국어

Apps in Origin 20163:372016 SR010/26/2015한국어
An Introduction to the Maps Online App2:452016 SR011/20/2016한국어
3D Confidence Ellipsoid App1:012016 SR02/3/2016한국어
Polynomial Surface Fit App1:392016 SR02/3/2016한국어
Import Shapefile App2:462016 SR12/3/2016한국어
Creating a 3D Bar on XY Plane using Maps Online App5:472016 SR02/3/2016한국어
Google Map APP3:212017 SR003/06/2017한국어
Sequential Fit App4:072017 SR003/14/2017한국어
Gadget Replicator App2:342017 SR104/21/2017한국어
App Center Dialog for extended Origin capabilities1:542018 SR012/14/2017한국어
Using the Plot Sub Matrix App1:102016 SR003/02/2016한국어
Agilent MS Reader App0:442016 SR004/07/2016한국어
Z-Profiler App0:572016 SR004/13/2016한국어
Color Editor App for Origin4:142017 SR104/20/2017한국어
Send Graphs to Word App2:142018b SR005/02/2017한국어
Piecewise Fit App2:502017 SR005/02/2017한국어
PCA for Spectroscopy App3:402017 SR005/16/2017한국어
Data Slicer App5:112017 SR005/23/2017영어
SMILES to Image App2:522017 SR005/23/2017한국어
LaTeX App4:142017 SR005/23/2017한국어
OPJ Examiner App4:102018b SR006/08/2017한국어
OPJ Searcher App for Origin2:202018b SR012/11/2017 한국어
Composite Spectrum Regression App2:322018b SR012/12/2017 한국어
Level Crossing App for Origin2:342018b SR001/29/2018 한국어
Kernel Density Plot App0:552018b SR001/29/2018한국어
Constrained Multiple Regression App1:282018b SR001/30/2018 한국어
Clone Folder Import App2:442018b SR001/30/2018영어
Simple Fit App2:562018b SR002/16/2018영어
Paired Comparison Plot App1:452018b SR002/20/2018영어
Distributed Batch Processing App2:572018b SR004/27/2018영어
2D Smoother App2:412018b SR004/27/2018영어
3D Smoother App1:402018b SR004/27/2018영어
Toolbar Maker App1:572018b SR004/27/2018영어
Rank Model App2:222018b SR005/03/2018영어
Chromaticity Diagram App3:192018b SR005/102018영어
Pulse Integration App2:152018b SR007/04/2018영어
Stats Advisor App3:102019 SR010/30/2018한국어
Graph Publisher App3:302019 SR010/30/2018한국어
Graph Maker App2:542019 SR010/30/2018한국어
Batch Plotting App3:382019 SR010/30/2018한국어
Peak Deconvolution App3:242019 SR011/20/2018한국어
Speedy Fit App NEW!2:132019b SR005/13/2019한국어

Introduction to the Origin Workspace1:308.0 SR612/21/2011영어
New in Origin 2016 – The Object Manager1:062016 SR010/13/2015한국어
Tabbed Analysis Dialogs in Origin 20161:142016 SR010/15/2015한국어
Customize the Origin Interface2:109 SR012/18/2012영어
Tips on Using the Status Bar and Toolbars2:079 SR012/13/2012영어
Auto Hide Feature for Project Explorer and other Dockable Windows2:518.612/22/2011영어
Customize Import Menu4:408.601/14/2013영어
Data Marker and Analysis Marker4:428.101/16/2013영어
Start Menu with Search Feature5:112019 SR002/18/2019한국어
Custom Formats for Numeric Display5:262019 SR002/18/2019한국어
Data Highlighter, Plot Highlighter and Data Point Tooltip3:412019 SR010/30/2018한국어

Column Designations2:188.0 SR612/21/2011영어
Insert Graphs1:498.0 SR612/21/2011영어
Set Column Values3:228.0 SR612/29/2011영어
Setting Column Values2:308.1 SR012/29/2011영어
Introduction to the Origin Workbook2:018.0 SR612/21/2011영어
Date and time data10:208.67/5/2012영어
Extract Worksheet Data6:048.5.0 SR112/21/2011영어
Data Reduction6:428.1 SR112/21/2011영어
Pivot Table2:568.1 SR012/21/2011영어
Virtual Matrix6:298.5 SR012/21/2011영어
Worksheet Set Column Values to Reference Other Info6:169 SR012/18/2012영어
Data Filter5:569 SR011/22/2012영어
Rich Texts in Worksheet4:059 SR112/20/2012영어
Use Spreadsheet Notation to Set Column Values2:172017 SR010/25/2016영어
Cell Formula2:062018 SR011/20/2017한국어
Conditional Formatting of Worksheets3:162019 SR001/31/2019한국어

Data Annotation Tool Customization1:559 SR012/13/2012한국어
Insert Data Info with Plot Index1:289 SR012/13/2012한국어
Zoom and Scroll Inside Graph Layer3:308.612/22/2011한국어
Zooming and Panning5:088.5 SR012/21/2011한국어
Customize Data Info window4:339 SR101/22/2013한국어

Working with Excel11:158.1 SR05/7/2012한국어
Copy Excel Data and Paste to Origin2:498.0 SR612/21/2011한국어
Copy Origin Data and Paste to Excel3:028.0 SR612/21/2011한국어
Importing and Connecting with MATLAB1:548.5.112/21/2011영어
Use Origin with LabVIEW™ for Real-time DAQ Data Analysis5:378.0 SR612/21/2011한국어

Introduction to Matrix4:448.0 SR602/05/2013영어
XYZ Gridding4:328.5.112/21/2011영어
Embedded Matrix sheet1:432018b SR004/10/2018영어

Excel Imports in Origin 20163:092016 SR010/26/2015한국어
Importing and Re-importing of Excel Data4:112017 SR011/9/2017영어
Importing Data4:498.1 SR012/21/2011영어
Import Filter2:168.0 SR612/29/2011영어
Import Data from a Database3:578.0 SR612/29/2011영어
Enhanced Digitizer10:219.1 SR012/07/2013영어
Partial Import1:028.0 SR612/29/2011영어
Script After Import1:058.0 SR612/29/2011영어
Data Connectors NEW!3:172019b SR004/19/2019한국어
Using Origin Project as a Data Repository NEW!1:532019b SR004/19/2019한국어

Send Graphs to PowerPoint1:552016 SR010/19/2015한국어
Build Your Presentation in 60 Seconds1:222018 SR001/05/2018영어
Export or copy and paste a selected area of graph1:562018 SR011/20/2017한국어
Exporting Graphs6:328.1 SR312/21/2011영어
Video Animation2:519 SR001/28/2013영어
Markdown and HTML Reports NEW!4:542019b SR004/19/2019한국어

Overview of Graphing13:228.601/18/2012영어
Overview of Graphing in Origin20171:462017 SR011/9/2017한국어
Creating a Graph3:358.1 SR012/21/2011영어
Adding, Grouping and Reordering Plots with Layer Contents3:548.5.112/21/2011영어
Adding Error Bars to a Graph6:288.5.112/21/2011영어
Add, Remove, Replace or Reorder Data Plots7:159 SR001/28/2013영어
Add Lines with Labels in Graphs1:349 SR112/24/2012영어
Convert Worksheet to Matrix to Plot 3D Surface5:108.0 SR612/21/2011영어
Change Plot’s XY column via context menu on plot directly2:189 SR012/13/2012영어
Dynamically Update Graphs with Filter Conditions4:019.0 SR005/21/2014영어
Dragging Curve to Modify X Y Offsets1:06806/05/2014영어
Fit Layer To Page1:282018b SR004/10/2018한국어
Master Page2:182018b SR004/10/2018한국어
Add Graph To Worksheet1:462018b SR004/10/2018영어
Batch Plotting Improvements in 2018b2:112018b SR004/17/2018영어

Contour Plots and Color Mapping2:268.1 SR012/21/2011영어
Labeling Data Plots based on Data in any Worksheet Column5:438.5 SR012/21/2011영어
Creating a Multiple Layer Bar Plot5:408.5 SR012/21/2011영어
Multi-Y Plots Using Templates4:148.0 SR612/21/2011영어
Radar/Spider Chart6:348.612/22/2011영어
Box Plot8:08805/16/2012영어
Origin 3D OpenGL Graphs5:159 SR011/05/2012영어
New 3D Parametric Function Plot6:259 SR011/09/2012영어
Graph Changes2:369 SR112/21/2012영어
Plotting column/bar graphs with non-zero baselines1:502016 SR010/15/2015한국어
Skip Weekends and Holidays in Financial Plots1:142016 SR010/16/2015한국어
Trellis Plot3:372017 SR010/25/2016영어
Box Plot Improvements in Origin 20172:472017 SR010/25/2016영어
Bridge Chart2:332018 SR011/20/2017영어
Line Series Plots: A Box Chart Variation2:072017 SR001/05/2018영어
Row-Wise Plots1:542019 SR001/31/2019한국어
Trellis Plot with Double Y graph2:402019 SR002/18/2019한국어

Graph Template1:518.0 SR612/29/2011영어
Graph Theme1:518.0 SR612/29/2011영어
Customizing Data Points In a Graph3:328.0 SR612/21/2011영어
Linking graph layers2:128.0 SR612/29/2011영어
Merge Graphs4:002016 SR008/10/2016한국어
Correcting Font Size in Multilayer Graphs8:158.106/07/2012영어
Polar Axis Dialog8:599.1 SR001/07/2014영어
Use Tick Location From a Dataset4:028.5.106/08/2012영어
User-Defined Arbitrary Tick Positions3:188.5.112/21/2011영어
Combining Metadata in Legend2:149 SR012/17/2012영어
Plot Error Bars in 2D Graph5:568.5.101/08/2013영어
Add Data Label in 3D Graph2:199 SR001/14/2013영어
Plotting error bar in 3D graph5:519 SR001/14/2013영어
Smart Plotting with Cloneable Graph Templates2:452016 SR010/13/2015한국어
Placing Legend Text Beside Each Curve in Your Graph1:572016 SR010/13/2015한국어
Preset Graph Names1:392016 SR010/13/2015영어
Graph Legends: Text to Follow Plot Color and Control of Multi line Spacing1:542016 SR010/14/2015한국어
Making Graphs by Creating Subgroups Based on Worksheet Metadata2:052016 SR010/14/2015한국어
Customizing Minor Tick Labels2:172016 SR010/15/2015한국어
Create Stack Graph with Common Scale Units1:232016 SR010/15/2015한국어
Find Max and Min of Colormap Levels of Grouped Plots2:222016 SR010/16/2015영어
Customizing Annotation Labels2:102016 SR010/16/2015한국어
Using Data from other Worksheet Columns to Control Plot Attributes3:542016 SR010/26/2015영어
Adding Special Tick Labels to Graph Axes2:132016 SR010/29/2015영어
Applying and Customizing Color in Origin Graphs4:292016 SR25/19/2016영어
Introduction of Drawing Orders in Graph Window3:162016 SR26/14/2016영어
Labeling Graphs with the Annotation Tool1:582017 SR010/25/2016영어
Multiple Axis Reference Line and Recession Bars2:482017 SR010/25/2016영어
4D XYZ Plot With Custom Boundary2:002018 SR011/20/2017한국어
Add Reference Lines to a graph axes based on statistics and expressions2:282018 SR011/20/2017한국어
How to customize legend symbols and user-defined legend entries2:012018 SR011/20/2017한국어
Add Color Scale in Graph2:362018b SR004/17/2018영어
Customize Mutiple Layers Together in a Graph2:592018b SR004/17/2018영어
Object Manager2:542019 SR011/20/2018한국어
Define your own color list in Origin2:592017 SR208/03/2017영어

Import Multiple Data into Cloned Book or Sheets for Batch Processing3:552016 SR010/14/2015한국어
Save Workbook as an OGWU vs Analysis Template2:232018b SR001/08/2018영어
Batch Processing Improvements in Origin 20182:402018 SR012/14/2017한국어
Creating Batch Reports using Origin Analysis Template and Microsoft Word2:492016 SR010/14/2015한국어
Pre-processing of Data for Batch Analysis3:052016 SR010/16/2015영어
Batch Import and Analysis of Groups of Files2:092016 SR010/16/2015한국어
Origin9.1: Batch Processing Improvements6:129.1 SR01/2/2014영어
Batch Processing5:338.1 SR012/21/2011영어
Dialog Themes: Time-saving Feature for Recalling Analysis Dialog Settings6:178.0 SR612/22/2011영어
How to Clone an Origin Project NEW!1:522019b SR004/19/2019한국어


The Quick Peaks Gadget8:042015 SR001/21/2015영어
Cluster Gadget5:228.5.106/07/2012영어
Vertical Cursor Gadget3:118.612/22/2011영어
Global Vertical Cursor3:249 SR001/05/2013영어
Integrate Gadget4:208.102/05/2013영어
Interpolate Gadget3:098.502/16/2013영어
Rise Time Gadget3:558.102/16/2013영어
Intersect Gadget3:128.602/16/2013영어

Introduction to Curve Fitting5:518.0 SR612/21/2011영어
Customize Fitting Report Table in Graph in Origin 20162:102016 SR010/13/2015한국어
Overview of Analysis in Origin2:042017 SR011/9/2017한국어
Linear Fitting1:478.0 SR612/29/2011영어
Setting Data Range in the Nonlinear Fit Tool6:038.1 SR012/21/2011영어
Nonlinear Curve Fit Tool7:588.505/15/2012영어
User-defined Fitting Functions3:298.0 SR612/29/2011영어
Global Fitting1:318.0 SR612/29/2011영어
Implicit Function Fitting9:479 SR001/06/2013영어
Fitting Replicate Data2:128.0 SR612/29/2011영어
Using Linear Constraints When Fitting5:198.1 SR312/21/2011영어
Fit Multiple Datasets6:038.0 SR606/07/2012영어
Peak Fitting with Preset Peak Parameters5:018.0 SR612/21/2011영어
Quick Fit Gadget7:058.1 SR312/21/2011영어
Multi-Peak Surface Fitting3:488.5.104/18/2012영어
Fit Comparison4:432016 SR08/19/2016영어
Outputting Results3:088.0 SR612/29/2011영어
Find X/Y Values after Fitting4:198.5.112/21/2011영어
Report Confidence Interval for New XY Values1:589 SR012/13/2012영어
Data Identifier2:199 SR012/13/2012영어
Dose Response Analysis7:388.1 SR112/21/2011영어

Descriptive Statistics5:118.1 SR012/21/2011영어
Analysis of Variance5:388.1 SR112/21/2011영어
Survival Analysis1:358.0 SR612/29/2011영어
Principal Component Analysis5:248.612/22/2011영어
t Test1:528.0 SR612/29/2011영어
Non-Parametric Statistic for Two Samples5:528.0 SR 607/02/2012영어
2D Binning1:078.0 SR612/29/2011영어
Non Parametric Statistics for Multiple Sample4:488.0 SR601/31/2013영어

Fitting Multiple Peaks with Peak Analyzer10:258.0 SR606/07/2012영어
Peak Analysis in set X-range5:208.603/31/2012영어
Batch Processing of Peak Data using Theme11:388.106/05/2012영어

Short-Time Fourier Transform (STFT)3:058.5.106/05/2012영어
IIR Filter2:479 SR011/27/2012영어